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sheilasparentsbAs parents, you watch your children grow and you are amazed at how God develops the gifts that He placed in your babies' and turns them into purpose. Even as early as four years old, Sheila had an exceptional level of empathy for other children. She was always concerned about their pain and well-being. We noticed that she had a gift to speak publicly at a very early age. She has been accepting invitations to speak at various churches since the age of 11 and 12 years old. She always spoke on Christian love. Adults who heard her speak were amazed at the wisdom and knowledge that she had concerning the subject. When she was a teenager, she would gather her younger brother and cousins around her to teach them the Bible, emphasizing how they should treat each other as family members. It is no surprise to Sheila's Dad or me that she would write a great book on relationships.


Pastor Levy C. Jones and Helen Jones, (Ma and Pa Jones)
Gospel Feast Pentecostal Church
Rush City, Illinois