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My Own Beginnings

My own personal walk began in the early years of the book being written.  Back then, the book was only unnumbered entries on slips of paper being assembled in wee hours.  Many hours were spent explaining its principles to me by finding the book passage, then the Bible scriptures that related to what I was going through. 

Silent Tears

In this time I was allowed to reveal my pain and despair, sometimes only in a whisper, afraid of not sounding of a mountaintop experience.  Being in the throes of difficult situations, I just wanted  to continue in my walk with God. There were phonecalls with silent tears streaming down my face in late hours. Lots of nights of my interrupting her family life( with her husband's permission) to sit in front of the fireplace, my emotional hand held as I walked through.  I listened, hanging on every word taught. 

Her Reassurance

It was the valley and Sheila knew just where I was, she had been there. Tears were allowed. Uncertainty was understood. As long as I comprehended what God required.  She taught me line upon line with precepts reassuring me of God's faithfulness, reminding me God hears tears, He knows what we're going through. I just needed to hold on to what He said and believe He would bring me through. Her words of experience reassured me that God can be trusted, and that He is true to his word.

~Bonita Dortch, Washington Park, Illinois

Proverbs 31 Woman

Sheila Clarke is truly a "modern day" Proverbs 31 woman.  She is a woman of kindness, strength, integrity and wisdom.  Not only can her family say that she has been a wonderful blessing in their lives, but as a friend I can say this too.  God has used Sheila as a help in my life on many occasions, such as through her words and everyday no-nonsense wisdom that she has shared with me down through the years.  This alone has helped me to grow in my walk in Christ.  For this I will always be grateful.

Trudy Smith - St. Louis, Missouri