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I thank God for my sister-in-law and where God has taken her and brought her from.  Her lessons are so valuable and precious to me, because I was a witness to the struggles the Lord has brought her through.  God walked her through some very, very hard places, yet He remained faithful to His promise in never leaving nor forsaking her.  As her sister and friend, I coudn't teach her the lessons God wanted her to learn, and I wondered what he was up to by requiring so much of her, but I am elated today to see with my own eyes how God is Faithful and True.  He was shaping, molding, carving, fixing, smoothing this wonderful vessel for His purpose and glory.  She would declare His faithfulness to many hurting men and women and will help them go through hard places that sometimes feel impossible.  Sheila, thank you for paying the price, even though it was so hard at times and you didn't think you could make it another day.  God graced you and gave you the strength to go through for us!  Many will overcome by the words of your testimony, because your testimony is for many!

~Deatrice Ellaine Thomas Clarke, St. Louis, Missouri


The writer took me on an amazing journey. From broken relationships and personal awareness into reconciliation and recovery.  This book has had a tremendous affect on my life, and the lives of my family. There are so many books and lessons on trials in hard relationships, but to show you how to Walk It Out...PRICELESS. Thank you so much Sheila for allowing me to trace your lines of love and for your commitment to "Walking it out"! This book is God's Key to unlocking the gift of reconciliation. Loved it even better the second time around.

~Stephanie Trice, St. Louis, MO~


Can't Shout it Out! is one of the most insightful books I have ever read.  Christian authors rarely write so candidly about their marriage or the healing that God has had to bring to their lives. With the divorce rate sky rocketing in the church, it is time for us to be honest about what is going on in our lives. This book shows how honesty opens the door for God to address the situation within our homes.  As God raised Moses and Esther for strategic purposes, this book was written for such a time as this; it allows us to see the heart of God and His concern for our families and relationships.  It exposes the difficulty we have admitting our faults and failures, but gives us a blueprint of not only how to confront these issues, but also the benefits of agreeing with God's word.  We have allowed the enemy entrance into our homes with our excuses for not doing what the word of God commands.  Can't Shout It Out instructs us on how to correct disobedience.  I prayerfully believe that with this knowledge, we too will decide to "walk it out" to successful marriages and relationships.

~Bonita Dortch, Washington, IL~


Real life and relate-able. "Can't Shout It Out" is a book of hope and reconciliation. Sheila Clarke opened her life to help others realize that for God to use them to their full potential, reconciliation must occur. It challenged me to look beyond my worldview and understand other people's perceptions. I cannot continue to hold on to past hurts and misunderstandings. Reconciliation is a process that must be "walked out".

~Shannon Washington, St. Louis, MO~


After reading "Can't Shout It Out,"  I've been able to properly apply the needed tools to restore my relationship with my son to auspicious.  I have been exhorted to allow God to heal my broken places.  I now am enjoying the fruitful benefits of walking in obedience to God.  I am no longer just shouting it out, I'm walking it out.

~Andrea Rouse, Belleville, IL~


After several years as pre-marital instructors and marriage advisers, we never had too many books, materials and examples for couples to explore. This book is one of those precious treasure chest full ofcl diamonds and gems that will heal a hurting relationship and lay a solid foundation for the couple that is just getting started. Shelia's writing is real, passionate and forthright, yet guided by the gentle hand of the Lord to heal tender and sore spots in the home. You will love this book and refer back to it again and again.

~Chris and Carol Green, Harrisburg, PA~


"It's a powerful book.  It made me think about things that I hadn't thought about before.  Can't wait to read the next volume."

~Estell Pruitt,  85 years old, Memphis, Tennessee