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Her Gift of Caring

In this day and time, there is an inner gift that is harder and harder to come across. It is the innate ability to care. It often times lies lifeless and malnourished in most. This gift or rare ability can pierce through the heart of the hard-hearted, renew the mind of the person who has given up on relationships, and restore faith to the doubter. I have seen my mother care for, not only myself and my sister, beyond the average capacity - but others as well. In me, there has always been an overwhelming desire to consider and care about others, that was planted within me long ago by my mother’s example.

The Reason I Serve God

Her caring reaches far beyond the masses, and makes its way to the individual in a personal way. It was the same way for Christ. Never have I seen someone care about the well-being and status of all her relationships, like my mother does. I have seen her time after time (with me included) refuse to go through a relationship problem without acknowledging the other person’s pain and make an attempt to reconcile. Even if it wasn’t always obvious, my eyes were always watching and through this I learned God’s love. What I saw in my parents is the reason that I have chosen to serve God today.