Home Candace's Perspective
Walksheila's older daughtering out the Ministry of Reconciliation is definitely not a foreign concept to me. Growing up in our household, doing whatever it took to restore broken places in our relationships and healthy communication were not only essential,they were required. Despite the resistance at times from my sister and me, we were expected and taught how to properly handle conflict amongst each other in a scriptural manner.(Such as, apologizing when we had wronged each other).
Unconditional love was also "walked out" before us as we watched our parents interact with each other and as they interacted with us. This was truly beneficial in my adult years. I was well equipped  when I myself encountered seemingly hopeless relationship challenges with difficult people.  I could draw from the wisdom and many relationship principles that I had been taught by my mother.

Many of these principles that are now written in Can't Shout It Out were walked out in our home and were a normal part of our daily living.  My sister and I took this for granted, because we thought this was happening in every home - especially other Christians.  I consider it a true blessing that this message of the gospel in action that my sister and I saw as common and normal, will bring hope to so many who will see it as a lifeline for their families.