Experience the Rainbow with Stunning Lehengas

Experience the Rainbow with Stunning Lehengas

White is a symbol of fullness and wholeness. The descriptions of God’s beard and robe, as well as the attire and wings of angels, depict this colour as being the most spiritual and holiest of all hues. White can represent simplicity, freshness, and cleanliness. The white lehenga provides space in its design, and its use highlights the effects of the lovely colours it is surrounded by. White lehenga is regarded as being among the most elegant colours. Lehengas, which were formerly only worn by the Mughals, were regarded as royal garments embellished with genuine gold, silver, and gemstones. Because to cultural influences from India that have shaped the form and silhouette, these lehengas have changed over time and still do. Compared to when it was first curated, the lehenga is available in a wide variety of styles today. Most of the Indian states have also created their own variants of the lehenga choli in accordance with their respective cultures and traditions. These lehengas are particularly well-known in recent times for being worn by Indian brides at their weddings.

There are numerous kinds and drapes of white lehenga. Fitted white lehenga with a wide flare create a circle around you since they are flared at the bottom. They feature a lot of volume and pleats. Mermaid white lehenga is fitted at the knees and flare outward from the calves in the shape of a fishtail. Many body shapes look beautiful in A-line white lehenga, elegant yet simple silhouettes. This skirt forms an “A” shape as it gently flares away from the body. White lehenga with a straight skirt, as the name implies, flow along your body and take on its contour. In addition to this, there are still many varieties of white lehenga available. Today, white lehenga comes in a wide variety of fabrics, including brocade, silk, chiffon, net, cotton, etc. Also, it can be customised with a wide variety of embellishments, including embroidery, mirror work, zardozi and stonework.

Red Lehenga

A stunning red lehenga is all you need to make your fantasies come true if you’ve always wanted to wear a red dress to your wedding. Choose a red bridal lehenga and accessorise it with a gold-toned nose ring and a kundan necklace. Beguile your future husband with your alluring appearance. Add embellished heels and a blue potli bag to complete the look. If you want to look elegant in this red lehenga, opt for a complex hairstyle. During your sagan ceremony, a red lehenga will help you create a stylish yet sombre ethnic outfit. If you want the lehenga to do its magic, let your hair down and wear light makeup. With your stunning grin and gold-toned studded jhumkas, be the centre of his attention. To make a statement at a lohri event, wear a velvet red lehenga with chandelier earrings and a choker necklace, along with a matching arm bracelet and a pair of purple shoulder duster.

By selecting a red lehenga for your daughter, you may give her wardrobe an ethnic makeover. For your cousin’s wedding, she’ll be sure to get lots of compliments when wearing a red lehenga. If she insists on bringing along her little, mini necessities, get her a red potli bag with embellishments to match her lehenga. Is your niece your favourite relative? Have her wear a red embroidered lehenga to your wedding to demonstrate to everyone how much you adore her. You two will look incredibly stunning together and will wow your little love if you also chose a red lehenga for your special day.

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