Startup and Business Ideas for College Students

If you do it correctly, starting a business while in college is a great way of making a living and paying for school. If you are inspired by great entrepreneurs who have met their co-founders to launch the next Fortune 500 company, starting a business at University could be your calling.

Business ideas for college students are great because they can also be used to validate products and services.

  1. Voice-enhancement app

Voice-enhancement apps are fun and useful apps that users can download to improve their voice for voice messaging. It would use their existing messaging app, such iMessage. This app would allow users to improve their voices in interesting and unique ways, cut their audio files and many other fun features. As more people use audio to send voice messages and type text, they believe it will be the next big thing.

A co-founder should have strong coding and software development skills, but it could be easily developed and launched in a college dorm. This could be turned into an app for people to use if you want to go a different direction. If you are looking to create the next great social business idea, this idea is worth considering!

  1. Cleaning service for dorms

Many people miss their home maids or parents cleaning their rooms at university and college. They may not be able to clean up their dorm rooms themselves now that they are in university. This is the perfect time to charge them a fee for cleaning up their room.

This would be very easy as you could simply go door to door in dorm rooms to market your business. It would be relatively inexpensive to start the business, as it could only cost cleaning supplies and a business licence. Once you start to have a steady client base, you can look into hiring students to clean your premises. This idea is great because it can be started at almost any college or university and there are many opportunities for growth.

  1. On-campus delivery service

Many delivery companies will deliver food, goods, and packages to cities. However, they are not able to deliver goods on campus. One professor might need a suit delivered by the school dry cleaner to his lecture hall. A group of students might need food delivered from the cafeteria to their dorm rooms. They can save time and still be able to study. Another business idea that college students could consider is this. It would be affordable to start. If you have a large campus, all you need is a bike and a bag to transport things. If you want to expand this business idea beyond your college, it could be easily expanded to other schools.

  1. Online courses available as an add-on for college classes

You could make a series of videos that are easy to follow and accessible online if you have an interest in one particular college course. To fully grasp the information, students may need to hear it in a different way than the professor.

You should be careful not to copy courses that you have taken. Otherwise, you might get in trouble with the college. You would need to teach the material in a new way. If there are multiple courses, they could either pay a single fee or a bundle deal. It would be very helpful to have a background in video editing or course creation.

  1. Translation service

You can create a transcription service if you’re at an international college or university where the language spoken is different.

You could create an online platform where companies or other individuals can upload documents in one of the languages you choose. This would allow you to do work in your dorm. You could then work on the document, transcribe it to their requirements, and then send it back over your portal. A fee would be charged. This is a great way to get it set up so that you don’t have to deal with hardcopy documents and mail.

  1. Company that writes research papers

This business idea for college is perfect if you enjoy writing and are skilled in writing research papers. You could create a website that allows students to submit research paper requests and deposit funds.

You could then write the paper in your dorm and charge a fee to finish it. These students are willing to pay a lot for a high-quality product if it means they get a good mark and a good grade.

One thing to be aware of is the fact that many colleges and universities have policies regarding student assistance. This idea could also grow with the support of other students.

  1. Furniture Lending Service

Many university and college students move into dorm rooms with furniture that is specifically tailored for them. They often sell it or throw it away after one year. The furniture is usually too small to fit in other rooms and the students don’t have the time. Students or parents are likely to have spent a lot on furniture for their dorm.

Students can rent furniture in their dorm rooms by starting a college business. You can work with local furniture shops on campus to design furniture and then charge students a monthly or annual fee. To get students to find out about your service, you could advertise online via Facebook, Instagram, or Google.

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